Art making is a process through which I engage with boundaries, rules and expectations set by a culmination of human experience and human expertise. I use art making as a process to press against the physical and metaphysical structures that define my world. I fight from within the systems of my world, because I am the system. While I recognize that structure is a necessity, art making is my vehicle to navigate through these boundaries.



2013 Reliquiae, Rare Medium Gallery, Seattle, WA - Solo Exhibition

2013 You're Better Than History, Instillation with Justin Mata, Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2013 David, The Shirey, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Shirey, The Shirey, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Chicane burns, curated by Jonathan Hartshorn, Albuquerque, NM 

2009 A New Currency, curated by Dan Cameron, New York, NY

2009 Screen Burns JCIA Video, Brooklyn, NY

2008 Diversity, Carib, New York NY

2006 Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, NY


2013 "Stranger Suggests." The Stranger, Seattle, WA

2008 "New York Schooled." Village Voice, New York, NY 

Awards and Publications

2013 City Arts Art Walk Awards, Finalist, Seattle, WA

2009 The Shirey, founding member of the non-profit exhibition space, Brooklyn, NY

2008 Storyscape Journal, 1 

2007 Lumina, Sarah Lawrence College, 6


2009 M.F.A. School of Visual Arts

2006 The Art Students League


lives in the San Franciso Bay Area

mcphersonc at gmail